Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome to HCL’s Volunteer Program!

A way to enrich your life!

See our volunteers performing yard work.

Whenever we offer our service to a worthy endeavor, our lives take on a new meaning and we see life through different lenses. We begin to see the preciousness of our existence, and others’, no longer taking “the little things” for granted.
This seems to be especially true when volunteers serve the elderly.

"When I first came to mow the lawn at the Denver home as a volunteer, I was so warmed by the gratitude of the elderly woman who came from the home, beaming with appreciation, and offering a cool glass of water. Helping here is very gratifying." - Theresa, volunteer

Volunteering becomes a fascinating, enriching experience for those who take the step. As we practice caring for others, we care more deeply for ourselves. And our lives transform.

"I'm so happy to be a part of their lives. I learn from the great joy the residents derive from the simple things in life. It reminds me to not get caught up in trivial problems." - Sarah, volunteer

Our volunteers range in age and social backgrounds. We do not discriminate and only ask that a short questionnaire be filled out to share with us your focus of interest, intention and availability.

You can volunteer daily, weekly or monthly, as interesting volunteer options come up all the time. Whether you volunteer to tend the garden, assist with meals, or aid an elder in the activities of daily living. Engaging in mind-ful service reveals itself as an uplifting spiritual practice that enhances our lives in meaningful ways.

To volunteer, e-mail: david@holistic.com
Or call: 720-218-3254