Philosophy - Mission - Vision

Our vision is to participate in a system of humanitarian, spiritual, social, holistic, model of care that can be adapted to any culture or community.

Our mission is to be a powerful force in providing social, spiritual and holistic care, for the elderly and frail, in residential settings; to engage with, and be a positive contributing member of the local community; to respect and honor the divine presence in all residents, staff and neighbors;  to utilize the wisdom of ancient and modern health and healing methods;  to prepare wholesome, life-sustaining nourishment through food, education and social interaction.

Our philosophy is that a conscious, community-based assisted living home is where life enrichment and personal growth are recognized as a life-long journey. We believe that each resident can, without compromise, stay in integrity with who they are and live joyous, meaningful lives with other men and women in similar situations.

We believe that the greatest service we can provide is a home atmosphere where the inconveniences and stresses of disease and decline are small compared to the presence of attentive care, love, and compassion felt by the givers and receivers of care.

Our covenant is to serve humanity, embody spiritual principles, embrace and support diversity, and practice sacred stewardship of the needs of our residents, staff, and community.