Our Unique Qualities

What is unique about Holistic Community Living?
There is a broad spectrum of care available in the marketplace.

Typically, an institutional living facility has over a hundred residents in varying states of health. Some facilities are structured around the level of services that may be purchased. Others offer segregated memory care or rehabilitation care. There are those that offer a continuum of care allowing you to remain in the same room or apartment. And there are facilities that require a resident to move to a new room or apartment as their needs increase.
At a Holistic Community Living Home, each resident can receive the full range of assisted living services. Since it is the resident's permanent home, additional skilled services can be brought in to meet increased needs. Memory impaired residents are integrated with other residents and cared for in an environment where all residents and staff are aware of their special needs.

Residential Care
Residential care is usually in a residentially zoned neighborhood where the outward appearance of the facility is similar in size and structure to the other buildings in the neighborhood. Inside a residential care home, the feeling is much like any home with the addition of wider doors, comfort height toilets and grab bars in oversized bathrooms. In Colorado, those that care for 8 or fewer residents are called “small,” and those that care for more than 8 residents are called “large.” Typically the services at such facilities are of a fixed scope. When a resident requires a high level of care, they are moved to a nursing home or a facility that specializes in memory care.
Our current Holistic Community Living Home in Denver is located in an established neighborhood. Several of the neighbors partake in our activities, as well as volunteer to support our efforts. The home can accommodate 12 residents and has space for family gatherings, entertainment, exercise and family dining. Unless there are legal reasons for moving the resident, regardless of their physical and mental capacity, residents may remain in our care for as long as they wish.

Memory Care Facilities
With a growing population of persons developing Alzheimer's Disease, special “memory care” facilities have become established. Usually designed to accommodate larger numbers of residents than residential care homes, memory care institutions often have locked doors to prevent wandering and employ different types of alarms and monitoring devices to help the staff keep track of the residents. Institutional memory care is very expensive.
A Holistic Community Living Home integrates memory care residents into our family style setting. Our intimate environment is conducive to keeping track of residents. While we use modern methods to reduce the risk of wandering, they do not give residents a sense of confinement.

Home Care
Many people elect to receive elder care in their homes or in the home of a relative or a friend. Health care agencies may be called upon to provide additional unskilled or skilled healthcare workers. This is a very attractive choice for many people who have the interested and available family, friends, and/or financial resources. Familiarity of the home environment can make this a preferred choice, if it is a possibility. However, home care can at times limit social interaction, as the health and mobility of the person cared for declines.
A Holistic Community Living home is a permanent residence for those people wanting companionship, intellectual stimulation, and physical activity. Friends and family are welcome to visit or participate in the care-giving process. When extra care is needed, our residents have the option of bringing skilled nursing care into the home or moving, if necessary, to a skilled nursing facility. When the time comes for a resident's death passage, they may elect to stay in the home. A home wake and funeral is also an option.

A Holistic Community Living home combines the best of a residential care home and in-home care. We then add a more holistic perspective.

The staff of HCL homes are carefully selected and trained to be sensitive to the subtle changes that the resident may go through, so that they can provide the highest quality living. A high ratio of skilled staff to residents allows our employees to focus on each residents needs.

Our staff prepares delicious, fresh, nutritious meals that include a diverse assortment of organically grown foods. Staff and residents come together for meals that are served family style. Often joined by resident's family members, volunteers, and/or neighbors, the ambience is relaxed, friendly and interactive.

The Art of Living Well
It is hard to believe, but you will not find a blaring television in our living room. The television is reserved for inspiring movies, thought provoking and entertaining programs, not noise and images to distract residents from what life has to offer them. We are continually developing new programs, new activities to engage with our residents; ones that further the exploration of their interests and abilities. Exercise, discussions, and readings are an on-going opportunity for stimulating the mind, body, and spirit.
And, because we are a nondenominational assisted-living home, each resident may embrace his or her own spiritual practice.

We will often have one room empty to accommodate a place to stay for a resident's visiting relative or friend, adult day care, or respite care.