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Welcome to Holistic Community LivingSM (HCL). We are a non-profit organization based in Denver, Colorado, committed to developing model holistic community homes for the elderly and frail. We also support and educate the neighborhoods where we operate regarding the benefits of our residence and our holistic approach.

We are very excited to introduce to you our home in Denver; a place where you or a loved one can live out their life –– and feel safe in a nurturing, family atmosphere. What separates us from the main stream, and the industry standard, is that each resident is cared for holistically --–– as integrated, multidimensional beings, where the whole picture of each resident is mindfully considered. The key word here is wholeness; the wholeness of the body, mind and spirit; the wholeness of each residents’ overall needs, and the wholeness in which our offerings are received. Our success is defined only when this integration is exemplified with awareness and integrity.

You will make the difference in raising $400,000 to complete the renovations and begin caring for elders. Please donate: