Favorite Experiences

The management and staff at Holistic Community Living Homes understand that a resident's favorite things can bring them comfort and help them feel alive and vibrant even when their mental and physical functions are failing them. While cognitive experiences can bring comfort and joy, comfort and joy themselves are emotional states, not cognitive states. These positive states can be experienced and supported with the presence of familiar favorite things and favorite activities.
One example:

One resident spent the summers of her youth sailing on the coast of Maine. This special lady was almost always in a joyful state, reading library books the staff brought for her, watching the squirrels play around the large tree outside her window, or just enjoying the company of those she shared the home with. Some would think that at the age of 86, with advancing dementia and physical decline, life could not be much better. But it did get better –– especially when we took her to see the exhibit of the Titanic artifacts at the museum, bought a video of Acadia National Park in Maine, and began taking her regularly to the church where she had served as a volunteer for more than 50 years. And when tears of joy flowed over a lobster dinner, it was obvious that spirits were high and life was going very well indeed!

More to come….